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Work at Home Jobs SUCK unless You Got GOOD Scripts

Before becoming a Real Estate Superhero

I was working at least 4 different work-at-home jobs at one time. (Yes, your girl was on the grind!)👩💻

One of my “work-at-home” jobs was a travel representative.

My duties were to answer incoming calls from people who were interested in taking a 5 day vacation for FREE, that the company I worked for mailed them, as an exclusive one time offer.

I had to schedule the customer for a presentation by the company I worked for.

They told me my weekly pay consisted of $20 per person who attends the presentation, as well as still earning my hourly rate of $10.00 hour.

I just knew I was about to get PAID!!!🤑

On my first day on the job, I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to say to the incoming calls.

My online manager sent me scripts and rebuttals to use on every call and she told me to stay on script at all times.

After looking over the scripts for about 10 minutes, I am now taking my LIVE first incoming call.

And my first call surprisingly goes great..

I had a customer who stayed on script and I booked them!

I felt confident then on out.

But then the next call was terrible…

He just kept calling me a “scam” but at the same time wanting to get some real information.

Seeing that he wanted to know more, I made him feel like we selected him specifically and felt like he deserved a paid time 5 day vacation and he calmed down and I went back on script to successfully book him for the presentation.

I remember being amazed at myself and the sales tactics I just used all while staying on script.

The first day I booked 9 appointments!

Yes..Yes.. I had this in the bag!

Tre’Leon Bey and I even did a “celebration dance” after each booking because we knew the more appointments we booked, the more money is coming home to us.

During my first scheduled weekly performance assessment, my manager goes over with me who I booked and who showed up for the presentation.

She relayed to me that I booked 40 people and deep down I was super excited because to me that’s AN EXTRA $800, added to my first check.


She let’s me know that NOT ONE of the booked customers actually showed up to the presentation.

….So I don’t know if the company is a gag because there is no way for me to track who shows up for the presentation or was true.

Needless to say, I was devastated.

Oo and then she “let me go” for under-performing. 😳

With every job I quit or get let go from, I always ask myself; “what did I learn from this position and company?”

..because I always knew I wanted to own my own company. 💼

I saw the benefit of using a proven script to get the customer to agree or move forward with the booking of the presentation. 💡

This past job experience came to mind as Tre’Leon Bey and I started the Quick Start Guide for our 7 Day Real Estate Bootcamp.

He decided to write down all we have experienced in Wholesale Real Estate or the Real Estate Industry as a whole and our “best sale proven responses and solutions”.

I added to that idea; about creating scripts to make everything a little easier for us to follow and relay.

Mainly, to stay on topic and have a call of action for each client we spoke to.

What I love about the Quick Start Guide, there are scripts for Literally Everything you need to successfully find, solidify and close a wholesale real estate deal with none of your money being used during the real estate transaction.

With purchasing the 7 Day Real Estate Bootcamp, You will :

  • receive scripts for how to communicate with Sellers and Buyers
  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Incoming and Outgoing Text
  • Email
  • Ready to go Contracts
  • What to write on your “Yellow Letters” or Postcards, and so much more! 🙂

You can have confidence about what you will say and how!

It’s proven to get you to the next step >> Closing a deal and becoming $5,000 richer or more! 💰

You will be added to our Real Estate SuperHero team; where you will have a team backing you at all times!

You will have direct access to myself, Tre’Leon Bey and fellow Real Estate Investors to assist you in closing a deal or answering any of your questions and/or concerns during your class.

We got your back!!
You just have to take the first step!


P.S During the 7 Day Real Estate Investing Bootcamp, you will be solidifying a contract on your first or another wholesale deal by the 7th day. You could be $5,000 richer within 10 days! 10 Days from NOW you can have $5,000! if you take that first step and break through that wall of FEAR/EXCUSES and pay $197 for this Limited Time Offer.

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