Oprah’s Winfrey’s Golden Globe Speech

Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes!

Personally, I am a huge Oprah Winfrey fan!

I mean who isn’t?

She is currently worth $2.8 Billion according to Forbes.

She has built a multi-billion dollar career on her everywoman persona.

She’s one of the savviest business executives of our time!

Not only does she dominate in business but also in the world!

She has invested into schools, to make sure every child gets an opportunity for education.

She has also invested in Harpo, the show’s production studio, so she reaped the rewards of her show’s success.

These are just a few things she has done that has made me a huge fan!!

She is just the bomb!

She deserves that Award!

Want to know why she won the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes? CLICK HERE

Her speech, not only touched the hearts of everyone who was in attendance, but touched us viewers at home.

Especially us women, ME!

Speak Your Truth.

If you can’t tell the truth to yourself, you can’t tell it to other people.

Be strong. Be empowered!

Truth always start with Self.

I have come to realise as women;

our emotions are not created by what happens to us; rather our emotions are created by what we tell ourselves about what happens to us.

It’s all about self-awareness.

There’s 3 types of self awareness in my opinion.

  • Surface Self Awareness – Saying, “I’m afraid”, “They are unfair”, ” I am trying to win”
  • Deep Self Awareness – ” I am afraid of what?” “Who is unfair?” “How are you trying”
  • Self Awareness – Ever wondered “Who am I?” What’s my purpose?” Who am I spiritually?” Why so I have these gifts and talents?”

Majority of the time, we are already at the surface or self awareness stage but I consistently give to myself and others,as a Certified Life Coach,  Deep Self Awareness.

It may be tough and sometimes hurtful, that’s probably why people tend to back away from this stage.

But you have to ask yourself those deep questions to gain insight and not to have those past traumas and perspectives dictating your life knowingly and unknowingly.

Becoming self-aware can assist with your children or the next generation with not having to say #MeToo, like Oprah Winfrey expressed at the end of her speech.

Need an accountability partner to assist you with finding, acknowledging and telling your truth? I am available

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