“OMG! I Need to Lose Weight!!” How Smoothies helped me lose 30 pounds…. (full story)

Before and After!!!

It all started when…

I was trying out clothes with my friend when I found this dress with the back cut out! I just knew I was going to be sexy in this dress…

I decided to try on the dress 👗 to make sure I like the fit and also to get a little preview on how it would look on me.

When trying on the dress, I decided to keep my bra on since I didn’t want my breast all over the place. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I love the fit and style of the dress however I couldn’t quite see the back of the dress. 👀

So I called 🗣 my friend in the dressing room to tell me how the back looked since it was THE highlight of the dress.

My friend said “ Girl, your rolls 💩 are showing in this dress” and I was like “no, girl that’s my bra doing that, let me take it off so you can see the real deal.”

So I entered the dressing room and took off my bra, just knowing my back is now sexy in this dress. I went back out to get her approval and she said, “um girl your 5 rolls are still there!” I said to myself,”5 rolls 🥖?” I knew then I was no longer a size 7..

It hit me like a ton of bricks and I broke down. Yup! Right in the dressing room, screaming 😫 “Im fat” “I’m unhappy with my body” as I grab the rolls and gasp for air from breaking down.

I was just a size 7 a year ago..?? Omg! What size am I now, so I went to the jean section in the store to pick out a pair of jeans to see which one fits. I grab a size 10, 12, then 15 since there was no size 14. I was not excited about the size 15 fitting perfectly 👖.

As I was standing in line buying my pair of jeans and leaving the dress behind, I was thinking to myself…How did I get this way? What has happened to where I gained so much weight in such a short amount of time? 🤔

I realized that I had some inner work that needed to be done. The stress and worry were the main factors to my weight gain. Which then translated to eating more sweets and doubling the meals to feel the void.

I had to make a choice:

Getting healthy or dying from the inside out.

I didn’t know how I was going to change my diet completely, so I said to myself, “Ashlee just do 30 days at least.”

In starting to eat healthy, I was struggling with finding recipes online of what to eat that were healthy but tasty. So I decided hey, I love smoothies, juices, and salad. Let me start with that. 🍹🥗

The first day was the hardest but not as bad as I thought. Each day it got easier and easier as I got clearer and clearer in becoming my best self.

I documented ✍🏽 all the smoothies and natural juices I made during this 30 day fast. Listing all the health benefits, I have experienced and researched that is true for each smoothie or juicie.

This book will assist you in becoming your best self as well. From the inside…starting with tasty vegan or alkaline smoothies and natural juices that we call Juicies, since they can be made into smoothies as well…
Get It! 😇

After the 30 days, I stepped on the scale and I lost 31 pounds!!! I couldn’t believe it! In just 30 days! I was relieved..and down to a size 12!! 🎉

After eating so healthy for that long it was hard to put “junk” back into it, so I kept up with diet and made it part of my lifestyle but added some cooked foods:)

Now I have lost 50 pounds to date and I hit my target weight 👗 and size 7!!

Let me assist you in becoming a better you for 2018 with my Smoothies and Juicies Recipe Book!

Join myself and others who have taken the:
30 Day Smoothie Challenge” 💪🏽

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