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Dating gone..Real Estate Investing?

About 5 years ago…

Tre’Leon Bey was a leasing agent for a property management company, when we first started dating..

The property management had over 100 properties to rent.

Each leasing/real estate agent had to show an interested and qualified candidate the house, then immediately get the “holding fee” of $500.00.

When the fee was paid, the house goes immediately off the market and every leasing agent gets notified, to notify their clients who may have applied.

One day Tre’Leon Bey wasn’t able to attend a house viewing that was previously scheduled.

Me being the best girlfriend ever…

Instead of him canceling the appointment, I told him I would go in his place.

I was confident.

Since I went to a few appointments with him and knew what the goal was…

Which was; to get the candidate to put down the $500.00.



Nervously, I pull up to this gorgeous house before the couple arrives.

I take note of the scenery outside and what I drove by to get here so that I can highlight a few “perks” to the couple.

When I went in the home, I wanted the home to have great energy when the couple arrives.

So I sprayed the home with febreeze and walked around the house to open all curtains or blinds to let the sun shine through.

I took note of the “best” features of the home.

Like the “glass sunroom” and the finished basement.

Now, I am prepared!


Anxiously, I meet them in the driveaway.

I walked with them in the house, while I let them lead the way.

I took note of what they were saying about their life and intertwined it with the house, creating an easy sale, that I discuss and made into a script in the 7 Day Real Estate Investing Boot Camp Course.

All the questions they had were simple enough for me to respond accordingly.

For example: Since the property management company had a maintenance department, any question in reference to maintenance, I simply referred to the maintenance department.

Giving them reassurance that any problem will be rectified.

They gave me the “holding fee” on the spot!

I became a Real Estate Investor that day, by accident!

Thanks Babe, changed my life!



I said all this to say..

In Real Estate Investing..

You are providing a service, to yourself, the buyer and the seller.

The key is to create win-win solutions for everyone.



There are always solutions.

Ways to make things happen.

It’s just up to: How bad do you want it? and what’s your motive?

To create a freedom lifestyle for you and your legacy..



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