March 28, 2017

RAW INDIAN HAIR vs Graded VIRGIN Indian Hair


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  RAW INDIAN HAIR vs. Graded Virgin Indian Hair

All Graded Hair even though it is "unprocessed" chemically, it still goes through a "steam-process" in the factory.

This process makes the hair shiny and soft, which some people may think is a factor that determines the quality of the hair.

But real raw indian hair is a little more rough and less soft due to the authenticity and cuticles being intact.

The major advantage of the graded hair is that is it cheaper to produce so it can be sold at an affordable price. I like to call it the "Fair Hair" as this is the hair you can buy for an affordable price and sell for an affordable price while making good profit.  

Don't get it wrong, my 8A-10A graded virgin indian hair is beautiful and of very high quality due to us being hands-on with every bundle, manufacturer, and etc. We hand-pick the highest quality raw indian hair and virgin indian hair bundles to ensure the quality to be "superb!"


Raw Indian Hair on the other hand costs a lot to produce, causing its price to be much higher. So most people tend to go towards the "Graded Hair". Usually, this hair is geared for connoisseurs and higher end clients

RAW INDIAN HAIR is Shaved from the head of the single hair donor and collected as Cuticle run on the same direction.

The donor on both maternal and faternal side must be a descendant from INDIA to ensure, the hair to be authentic. Each side has to be at least 2 generations from INDIA to ensure the authenticity of "Indian".

These hairs are virgin and can also be colored, and lifted/"bleached" to any level to get the desired blonde hair color. We do offer blonde bundles, which are limited in bundles due to not having a lot of "blonde haired" descendant from India.



These bundles are 100gms per order which is 3.5oz. Each bundle is single drawn wefted. Meaning the longevity and durability will be secure in your purchase.

This is AshleeNycole's favorite and Top-Seller!!!

Do you like the RAW INDIAN HAIR compared to the Graded Indian hair? Write your response below or email it to us! We answer all EMAILS!


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