June 08, 2017

What are the Best Type of Virgin Hair Textures and Curly Extensions to Buy

Are You New to Virgin Hair Extension Textures? Or are you a Man trying to Buy the Best Type of Virgin Hair Extensions for your Woman? Not sure which wave pattern of curly hair textures would look the best? Just too many choices to choose from, right?

best type virgin hair

I know you probably said YES to one of the questions above. And I would like to help you formulate the right answer for you, by the end of reading this blog! 

A few months ago, my husband told me a story about him trying to pick out virgin hair for me as a surprise. He got stuck at trying to figure out the difference between all the different hair textures and curl patterns.

He said, "...by the end of the day, it's just too many freakin waves patterns to choose from, how was I suppose to know the right one?" And as a result, he didn't get it for me at all.

When he said that, at first, I was a little sad at the failed attempt of a romantic surprise. But then I got to thinking, and then laughing, and came to the realization that he was right!

There are many different virgin hair types, textures and even hair grades, and it may not be as much of  a "common knowledge" subject, as a hair-enthusiast like myself would think. 

But, I still couldn't let him get away that easy because I am his wife, a licensed cosmetologist, and we sell the Best Virgin Hair Extensions. This was information that he needed to learn right away!!! So I wrote out this virgin hair curl texture guide along with photos of the finished looks, and decided to share it as a guide to help you too!

There are 6 basic hair textures or curl patterns that all Virgin Hair Extensions Lovers know and love!

1. Straight Virgin Hair

This virgin hair texture is silky/ bone straight. It has a more thin and sleek look and feel. If you want a straight look, this is the type of virgin hair for you and we suggest you purchase an extra bundle just in case you want it fuller.

This is what the finish look will look like with Straight Virgin Brazilian or Indian Hair:


2. Body Wave Virgin Hair

This virgin hair texture has a "S" Curl Wave Pattern. If you want to have a natural wave pattern when wet, and have fullness when straightened or curled this pattern is for you.

This is what the finish look will look like with Body Wave Virgin Brazilian or Indian Hair:

3. Loose Wave Virgin Hair

This virgin hair texture has a complete" loose spiral" curl pattern. This hair pattern is perfect for someone who would like to a "wet and go" look while having curls with no heat needed.

This is what the finish look will look like with Loose Wave Virgin Brazilian or Indian Hair:

4. Wavy Virgin Hair

This hair pattern makes little waves going side to side, and is perfect for your "beach fun" hair styles. Just brush and Instant Beach Waves with no heat needed.

This is what the finish look will look like with Wavy Virgin Brazilian or Indian Hair:

virgin hair wavy


5. Deep Wave Virgin Hair

This hair pattern reminds us of deep ocean waves! Unlike that of the wavy pattern, which makes wave patterns going side to side, the deep wave goes up and down. Adds volume and is gorgeous wet or dry!

This is what the finish look will look like with Deep Wave Virgin Brazilian or Indian Hair:

6. Curly Virgin Hair

This hair has a tighter curly hair texture and is the most natural in comparison to naturally grown ethnic hair. This is best for women who have natural hair or who wants "no maintenance" hair. Just Wet and Go. 

This is what the finish look will look like with Curly Virgin Brazilian or Indian Hair:

Hopefully this helps you to find the best wave pattern for you! And to our men, who want to surprise us in the future, here you go! Now it's time to actually execute on the purchase of the virgin hair.

** It is best to purchase 3 or more bundles to have a "complete" look. **

Be assured that, whichever virgin hair texture you choose will turn out great. Can't say I didn't do anything for you.  

Click Here Now to order the Best Type of Virgin Hair Extensions for you or your loved one today. 


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