Why should You Hire ME as your Business Coach?

If you don’t have a coach, you’re limiting your own potential.

How do I know?

First, because I’ve seen the impact of coaching on my own life. I’ve invested more money in coaching than in any other area of my business, let alone my life :). And it always comes back tenfold !!! (like when I hired my first coach, started a new online business that same day, and doubled my income, from my old job, in the first month).

Second, because I’ve seen the impact of coaching on my clients.

I’ve helped people find what they are passionate about, start businesses from scratch, and increase their income by working less and creating automated systems.


Business Coaching Is So Powerful and will change your Life!

As entrepreneurs, we often forget to to step back and reflect. This leads to building a business that isn’t in alignment with the life we want, isn’t suited to our unique strengths, and isn’t meaningful to us.

I see so many people molding their life around their business, instead of the other way around. It’s a shame. They successfully break free from someone else’s prison only to build themselves a new one.

A good coach will make sure that this never happens.

And if you are a coach yourself, it is absolutely essential that you hire the best coach you can. Why? Because a coach who hasn’t been coached is a walking contradiction, asking people to believe in a process that they themselves have not invested in. This is equally true of consultants, trainers, and other service professionals. You wouldn’t hire a personal trainer that was unfit to mentor you on how to stay fit, right?


What Can I Help You With as a Business Coach?

I focused on 5 key areas:

  • Business skills. Depending on your level of business experience, there may be certain foundational skills that you need to upgrade or fix in order to be successful. The most common areas I help my clients in startup businesses,  social media content, marketing, sales, and productivity.
  • Results. Success in business is ultimately determined by the results you get, not the time you spend. We’ll help you clarify your goals and then identify hidden places where you might be holding yourself back from achieving them.
  • Action. Once we know the specific results you want to get, we need to break those big goals down together into smaller actions. That way, when you wake up each morning, you know exactly which tasks to work on.
  • Vision. We want to make sure that everything you’re doing is aligned with an overall vision for your business and life. We’ll create and expand that vision by pushing you outside of your comfort zone and reminding you got started in the first place.
  • Energy. What might prevent you from accomplishing your long-term vision? We’ll want to optimize your habits, environment, and mindset so that you can focus only on the things that give you energy, not the ones that take it away.

These are basically the five things you need in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. If you are missing one of them, it is very hard to start or grow a successful business.

You have to be Brave! Can’t be brave with one of those bullet points missing.


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