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AshleeNycole (also known as “A Guiding Light to the True You”) is a serial entrepreneur at the age of ONLY 25. AshleeNycole is the Co-Founder of Freedom LifeStyle Investments LLC, an investment company, based in Atlanta, Georgia and AshleeNycole Exclusives, a virgin hair store and ecommerce store. The Founder and Owner of AshleeNycole Salon LLC located in Atlanta, Georgia, with husband Tre’Leon Bey. AshleeNycole is also a Certified Life Coach through American Union of NLP, and a current Aboriginal Medical Doctor “In-Training” through ARNA: Aboriginal Medical Association.

With starting Freedom Lifestyle Investments LLC, Ashlee and Tre ‘Leon Bey created a movement,, where Young Leaders and Investors all around the world can train and mentor “like-minded individuals” who want to create a freedom lifestyle by investing or creating AUTOMATED residual income through businesses, cryptocurrencies, ecommerce, etc., by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. FREE; by sharing tools they have used to have assisted them in having a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE.

With Real Estate Investing creating new pathways to other investments into business, cryptocurrencies and many more, AshleeNycole travels around the world, coaching and mentoring young motivated women in Real Estate, Proper Health and Nutrition, Life, Business, Ecommerce Business, Cryptocurrencies, Marketing, Virgin Hair Start-Ups and more.

AshleeNycole is a published author as well. Her first book titled, “Smoothies and Juicies!” is a alkaline and vegan smoothie and natural juices recipe book. The reason AshleeNycole calls the “natural juices” “Juicie’s” is because all the recipes for the natural juices can be made into smoothies as well. In the book she also describes the health benefits of each recipe and what it does to your body. Included is a 30 day challenge where you can loose 30 pounds, like she did. AshleeNycole is currently working on her second book, “45 Days of Self-Love”, a daily devotional for self-love for young women.

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